We are the wife and husband photography duo known as Constance & Eric.  We specialize in photographing couples in love.  Communication, respect, discretion, and most of all, a true belief in the profound power of love are values applicable to any couple's photo-shoot, especially weddings. For the past 6 years we have made our living from photographing couples making love. To date we have shot over 200 couples and the one common thread that runs through them all is that each relationship is uniquely defined not by external influences, but by the relationships themselves. While love does not require a marriage to exist, marriage certainly serves as an important milestone in a couple's journey together.

  Simplicity is something we greatly value regarding the business side of our craft.  Our work is easy to view, our fees clearly stated, and you get the entire image collection included in the price. Things like packages and hidden costs needlessly complicate what should be a straightforward selection process for you.
The variety of couples we have photographed is something we take great pride in and equality is the driving force behind our art. Take a look at what we do, what we charge, and please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have.
Constance & Eric